Welcome Message

2018 is a special year at Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders (BCYL) as we are celebrating our 15th Anniversary.  During this time Caribe has transformed from a baseball league to a grass roots youth development organization!  We have demonstrated the ability to leverage sports programs, to instill the importance of education and community service with the children and parents we serve.  In partnership with the parents and hundreds of volunteers we have been able to foster an environment where the youngsters gain and exhibit confidence and leadership in their classrooms, community and families. 

During our 15 years, we have served over 6,500 youngsters and their families with many of the program graduates coming back and serving as volunteers, mentors or staff personnel. I am proud of the 37 Caribe Scholars who collectively have received to date $280,000 through the Russell Colon High School Scholarship and the 36 Caribe College Scholarship recipients who have received over $600,000 through our partnership with the University of Bridgeport and Easter CT State University.  BCYL youth are consistently demonstrating their greatness when the proper environment, resources and opportunities are provided to them.

I encourage you to browse the website and learn about the great things happening at Caribe!





John Torres, Executive Director