John Torres

Executive Director


Executive Committee

 Guillermo Cora



 Frank Borres

Vice Chairperson


Jacabed Rodriguez-Coss, Esq.



 Annette Segarra-Negron



 Board of Directors

Josefine Allain

Miguel Ayala

Dr. Paul Broadie II

David Carrasquillo

Jeannette Estrella

Hon. William Holden

Anthony Judkins

Virgilio Lopez

Max Medina, Esq.


Office Manager

Ruth G. Ortega


Administrative Assistant

Carmen D. Cruz


Development Coordinator

Marcia Winter


Director of Sports



Director of Education


Natasha Rivers

Director of Community

Miguel Ayala



Bonnie Baronavski – Concession

Helen Cora - Cheerleader

Veronica  Cruz– Feliciano-Girls Empowerment

Wanda Judkins- Events

 Ada Perez - Parent




Hipolito Castro - Baseball

Richard Kravchuk - Softball

Dan Neumann-Chief of Baseball/Softball Umpires

Angel Vazquez - Chief of Basketball Officials


Honorary Member

Evelyn Colon

Gregorio Pacheco 

Service Delivery

The Bridgeport Caribe Youth League will take all measures to ensure that board members, volunteers and parents serve as role models for our children, and that all members conduct themselves according to the BCYL Code of Conduct.   The Code of Conduct is distributed to all participants, parents and volunteers during registration and t are mandated to sign the form agreeing to abide by the rules and consequences.

Board of Directors

The Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders will continue to recruit dedicated and passionate individuals interested in helping the youth of Bridgeport and provide them the necessary training to ensure compliance to BCYL’s mission. 

In addition to various committees, the following standing committees have been established and are chaired by a member of the board:

  • Coach Recruitment/Training Committee
  • Community Relations Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Office Modernization Committee
  • Parent Committee
  • Scholarship Committee