Caribe Youth Saturday Academy (CYSA). 

BCYL developed and implemented an SAT Prep program in 2010 for high school juniors. Two certified teachers help develop the curriculum and teach the course under the direction of the CYSA Director. CYSA is a 10-week program held every Saturday morning for 4 hours at the University of Bridgeport. During the first year, the students collectively showed a 27% improvement from the pre-test on day 1 to the actual SAT in 2010 and a 15% improvement in 2011. 21 out of the 22 graduates of the 2010 program enrolled in college. In 2012, the students scored higher on their actual SAT than the pretest. Some of the increases were by 220 points, 310 points, and one student increased by 700 points!

Overall the 2013 CYSA cohort had a 17% or 200 point improvement, when comparing the pre-SAT exam to actual SAT exam scores. 67% of the students achieved at least 100 point improvement on their SAT exam. 20 students had perfect attendance. A luncheon was held on April 13 to recognize students for their hard work and success. Click here to view the 2013 CYSA Banquet Photos. In 2015, the students improved 112 points in their SAT scores versus the pretest!

At the conclusion of the CYSA program, a recognition luncheon is held for the participants and features community leaders as guest speakers. Click here to view 2012 CYSA Banquet Photos

In 2012, the CYSA class toured University of Bridgeport, Eastern Connecticut State University and some students were able to take advantage of an overnight college workshop at Fairfield University. Click here to view 2012 CYSA college tour photos.

In 2014, BCYL started an enrichment and tutoring program in partnership with Walter E Luckett Foundation and the Bridgeport Hispanic Police Association. The program is held twice per year (September to November) and (January to Marchl) every Saturday from 9:30am to 12pm for children in grades 3-8. The dual curriculum is geared to help the children build a relationship and respect for law enforcement, while at the same time improve their math, writing and reading skills. The enrichment program involves members of the Walter E Luckett Foundation and the Bridgeport Hispanic Police Association; teachers and University of Bridgeport students who work in small groups (1 tutor to 3 students) to provide the attention needed to help the students improve their math, writing and reading skills. In 2015, there was an 18% imporvement in the math and reading post-test versus the pre-test!