The Bridgeport Caribe Youth Scholarship Fund in partnership with the Diocese of Bridgeport, University of Bridgeport and Eastern CT State University offer BCYL students high school and college scholarships. Since 2009 over $100,000 in scholarships have been awarded to BCYL students. Scholarships are based on financial need, academic accomplishment, and BCYL involvement for a minimum of three seasons. The applicant must contribute a minimum of twenty volunteer hours with the Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders during application year. To maintain the scholarship, applicant must remain in good academic standing.

Russell Colon/Bridgeport Caribe Youth High School Scholarship Application.


2018-19 Bridgeport Caribe Youth College Scholarship Application.





Scholarship Recipients:

2009 Caroline Centeno Kolbe Cathedral
2009 Arnaldo Alicea Notre Dame High School
2010 Roberto Garcia Kolbe Cathedral
2010 Isaiah Delgado Kolbe Cathedral
2011 Jonathan Torres University of Bridgeport
2012 Eric Franco Notre Dame High School
2012 Miguel Gonzalez III University of Bridgeport
2012 Jayson Velez University of Bridgeport
2012 Nathan Polanco University of Bridgeport
2012 Tyshaun Mulings Eastern Connecticut State University
2013 Caroline Centeno Eastern Connecticut State University
2013 Njeri Dodson Eastern Connecticut State University
2013 Samantha Baronavski University of Bridgeport
2013 Victor Mercado University of Bridgeport
2013 Chase Judkins Kolbe Cathedral
2013 Jonathan Folch ST Joseph's High School
2014 Alberto Moya University of Bridgeport
2014 Ryan Keeley Notre Dame High School
2014 Courtney Holden ST Joseph's High School
2014 Jiovani Gonzalez Kolbe Cathedral
2014 Kani Rivera Kolbe Cathedral
2014 Alexa Ramos University of Bridgeport
2014 James Gilliard Kolbe Cathedral
2014 Robert Garcia University of Bridgeport
2014 Tyrese Landock Notre Dame High School
2015 Brittany Rodriguez Kolbe Cathedral
2015 Kayla Smith University of Bridgeport
2015 Paul Baronavski University of Bridgeport
2015 Isaiah Centeno Kolbe Cathedral
2015 Nathan Otero Kolbe Cathedral
2016 Brittany Rodriguez College Choice
2016 Zachary Estrella College Choice
2016 Scotty Fleming College Choice
2016 Kristen Dutertre College Choice
2016 Isabel Negron College Choice
2016 Kelly Dutertre College Choice
2016 Jasmine Torres College Choice
2016 Kaylynne Mercado Eastern Connecticut State University
2016 Aliyah Santiago Kolbe Cathedral
2016 Amaya Labrador Kolbe Cathedral
2016 King Rivera Kolbe Cathedral
2016 Olivier Azevedo             Notre Dame High School
2016 Jacob Castillo Notre Dame High School
2016 Jadon Craddock  Notre Dame High School
2016 Joshua Castillo Notre Dame High School
2016 Alexa Martinez University of Bpt/College Choice
2016 Jamil Harp University of Bpt/College Choice
2016 Kanny Rivera University of Bpt/College Choice
2017 Jada Lexie  Notre Dame High School
2017 Jason M.  Green Jr.  Kolbe Cathedral 
2017 Daniel Ortiz  Kolbe Cathedral 
2017 Datriana Gongora  Notre Dame High School
2017 Keziah Stevenson  Kolbe Cathedral 
2017 Xavier Giddens Notre Dame High School
2017 Zachary Thompson-Smith Kolbe Cathedral 
2017 Nathan Ayala  Kolbe Cathedral 
2017 Abreanna Rivera  University of Bridgeport 
2017 Judkins Chase College of Choice/Fairfield University
2017 Emmanuel Ortiz Housatonic 
2017 Roberto Ramos Southern CT State University 
2017 Antonio Cordero University of Bridgeport 
2017 Jeannette Sanna College of Choice/Housatonic CC
2017 Jacqueline Sanna  College of Choice/Baypath University